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Philippines, US Conduct Joint Naval Exercises in Visayas

Another round of joint military activities with the United States has been conducted in the central Philippines. The maritime exercise would focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Still, this is considered significant given President Rodrigo Duterte’s repeated threats that exercises with the US would be cancelled. He has since backtracked after admitting that the military already has a rapport with US troops and that the… Continue reading

Maritime Patrol with Malaysia and Indonesia Finally Launched

The Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia also finally launched its Trilateral Maritime Patrol that was agreed upon in May last year. The patrol would keep an eye on terrorist and other lawless activities in the sea between the three countries. Members of the Maute Group were also reported to be planning to flee to Kalimantan, which led to Indonesia’s deployment of fighter jets in order to trap the terrorists…. Continue reading

Military Keeping Eye on Tawi-Tawi for Possible Entry of Islamic Militants

Authorities have tightened security controls in Tawi-tawi province in Mindanao. This came after reports that Islamic militants, particularly from Malaysia and Indonesia, were planning to link up with the ISIS-linked terror groups holed up in Marawi by entering through the country’s southernmost point. Military authorities have ordered local officials to report the presence of foreigners in the area, warning that a failure to do so… Continue reading

Three Maute Group Members Nabbed in Iloilo

Fears that the Maute Group is spreading its terror reach from the southern part of the country heightened after three of its members were caught in the Visayas province of Iloilo in central Philippines. The three were said to be on their way up north to Manila. Islamic militancy has largely been limited to Mindanao, but it has recently reached even the tourist province of Bohol, as well as Manila where the terror group claimed creditContinue reading

Duterte to Heed Any Supreme Court Decision, but will not Hesitate to Re-impose Martial Law if Needed

President Rodrigo Duterte said that, while he would heed a contrary decision by the Supreme Court, he still would not hesitate to re-impose martial law if the situation in Marawi were not to improve. He further warned that a second declaration would likely be a Marcos-style martial law, though he did not expound on what it meant. Critics are sensitive on the topic because of the human rights abuses that occurred during the… Continue reading

Military Advances in Marawi Fighting

Military authorities announced that fighting against terrorists is now limited to four villages in Marawi, which constitute around 10% of the city. However, after missing previous self-imposed deadlines, they did not give a target date anymore for the completion of its operations. The officials added that 300-500 civilians are still trapped in battle zones, which is further complicating its drive against the terror group… Continue reading

Duterte Unaware that Defense Officials Sought US Assistance in Fight Against Terrorism

Defense and military officials confirmed that they have sought US assistance in the fight against terrorism. Weapons and equipment were earlier turned over by the US embassy, while US spy planes have been spotted over the combat area in Marawi. President Rodrigo Duterte, however, said he was not aware of the move made by the defense establishment that run contrary to his earlier pronouncements against the Americans… Continue reading