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Lower House Gives Commission on Human Rights $20-Budget for 2018

The House of Representatives provided the Commission on Human Rights a $20 budget for 2018. Chito Gascon, the commission’s chairman, has been outspoken against President Rodrigo Duterte’s human rights record related to the war on drugs. Senators from both sides, however, promised that the upper chamber would insist on the allotment of a full budget for the commission. If neither side would budge, the budget… Continue reading


House Declares Impeachment Complaint Versus Supreme Court Chief Justice as Sufficient in Form and Substance

An impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno was found to be sufficient in form and substance, and would now go to a HoR committee to determine if there’s probable cause. A similar impeachment complaint will be tackled next week against Commission on Elections chairman Andres Bautista, who administration allies consider as allied to the opposition Liberal Party. Also facing possible impeachment is… Continue reading

Duterte Claims Trillanes Has Offshore Accounts; Trillanes Signs Waiver, Challenges Duterte to Do the Same

President Rodrigo Duterte faces renewed challenge from Sen. Antonio Trillanes, days after the president threatened to reveal secret offshore banking accounts held by the senator. Trillanes belied the accusation and quickly submitted waivers so that the Anti Money Laundering Council will be able to look into the alleged accounts. He challenged Duterte, however, to sign a similar waiver, noting that the president has yet to agree to allow the opening of his accounts a year after Trillanes accused him of amassing billionsContinue reading

Mining Industry Backs Confirmation of Cimatu as Environment Secretary

Mining industry officials announced that they are supporting Roy Cimatu’s confirmation with the Commission on Appointments as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).  The renewal of optimism is reflected in the actions of the sector. To show that it practices responsible mining, officials said that the industry would adopt the Canadian practice for sustainable mining. Mining giant Philex is also looking for partners for its $2-billion copper and gold project, as it anticipates the lifting of the… Continue reading

After Gordon-Trillanes Clash, Duterte’s Son to Appear in Senate Drug Smuggling Hearing

Davao vice mayor Paolo Duterte, the president’s son, will appear in a Senate hearing after he was implicated in smuggling and drug scandals. The dramatic turnaround came after a clash between Senators Richard Gordon and Antonio Trillanes over the issue, with Gordon initially refusing to invite the vice mayor due to what he perceived as lack of evidence. Trillanes denounced Gordon’s stance and accused the latter of acting as the… Continue reading

Commission on Appointments Thumb Down Another Leftist Cabinet Appointee

The Commission on Appointments (CA) rejected Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano, the last remaining cabinet member recommended by leftist groups. The rejection was expected, and it came just a few weeks after the CA turned down another leftist for the social welfare post. President Rodrigo Duterte took in several recommendations from the Communist Party at the start of his term in an effort toContinue reading

Duterte Denounces Extra Judicial Killings after Another Teen Found Dead

President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted that there are mistakes in his war on drugs, but added that it would continue but without extra judicial killings. This came after a student from the country’s premier university was found dead, with the police claiming that he was gunned down after robbing a cab driver. Autopsy results, however, showed that he was a victim of torture. Duterte’s action possibly preempted wider protests, just weeks after a 17-year-old was summarily executed during a police anti-drug operationContinue reading