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Philippines, US Conduct Joint Naval Exercises in Visayas

Another round of joint military activities with the United States has been conducted in the central Philippines. The maritime exercise would focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Still, this is considered significant given President Rodrigo Duterte’s repeated threats that exercises with the US would be cancelled. He has since backtracked after admitting that the military already has a rapport with US troops and that the… Continue reading

Duterte to Heed Any Supreme Court Decision, but will not Hesitate to Re-impose Martial Law if Needed

President Rodrigo Duterte said that, while he would heed a contrary decision by the Supreme Court, he still would not hesitate to re-impose martial law if the situation in Marawi were not to improve. He further warned that a second declaration would likely be a Marcos-style martial law, though he did not expound on what it meant. Critics are sensitive on the topic because of the human rights abuses that occurred during the… Continue reading

Administration Officials Deny that Duterte is Sick

Administration officials deny that President Rodrigo Duterte has fallen sick, rejecting speculations that the president is ill after not being seen in public since last Sunday. His spokesman explained that the president was on the road for 23 straight days prior, and even had to cut short his trip to Russia to personally attend to the problems in Mindanao. He added that Duterte is just fatigued and needed time to recharge. The 72-year old… Continue reading

Duterte Unaware that Defense Officials Sought US Assistance in Fight Against Terrorism

Defense and military officials confirmed that they have sought US assistance in the fight against terrorism. Weapons and equipment were earlier turned over by the US embassy, while US spy planes have been spotted over the combat area in Marawi. President Rodrigo Duterte, however, said he was not aware of the move made by the defense establishment that run contrary to his earlier pronouncements against the Americans… Continue reading

32 European Countries Air Concern Anew on Duterte’s Human Rights Record

Representatives from 32 European countries attending the United Nations Human Rights Council session re-applied the pressure on President Rodrigo Duterte after expressing concern over the administration’s war on drugs and human rights issues. They also called on the government to accept the visit of a UN special rapporteur without any condition. Duterte has pointedly ignored such calls in the past, responding instead with… Continue reading

Duterte Makes About Face, Will Now Respect Any Supreme Court Decision on Martial Law

President Rodrigo Duterte reversed himself and now says that he would heed the decision of the Supreme Court on martial law even if it were to contradict his declaration. The president earlier announced that he would ignore any contravening action from Congress and the judiciary. He, however, expressed confidence that the high court would see the need for military rule in the region after it analyses the threat of the… Continue reading

Duterte Rescinds Offer to Communists, MNLF to become Part of Military

An earlier offer by President Rodrigo Duterte to bands of communist and Muslim rebels to become military units in the fight against terrorism has been rescinded. The president now says that joining ranks is not feasible due to trust issues with the communists and language barrier problems with Muslims. The about-face noticeably came after military officials expressed apprehension over the offer; the defense establishment said that… Continue reading