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Mining Industry Backs Confirmation of Cimatu as Environment Secretary

Mining industry officials announced that they are supporting Roy Cimatu’s confirmation with the Commission on Appointments as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).  The renewal of optimism is reflected in the actions of the sector. To show that it practices responsible mining, officials said that the industry would adopt the Canadian practice for sustainable mining. Mining giant Philex is also looking for partners for its $2-billion copper and gold project, as it anticipates the lifting of the… Continue reading


Mines and Geosciences Bureau Recommends Lifting of Ban on Open-Pit Mining

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) has recommended to Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu the lifting of the ban on open-pit mining. The agency said that it is an internationally accepted mining method, with even Duterte himself telling industry executives and officials that the law allows this practice. The issue will likely be taken up during the next meeting of the Mining Industry Coordinating Council (MICC), which is… Continue reading

MICC to Push Through with Review of Mining Closure and Suspension Orders

The Mining Industry Coordination Council (MICC) will finally push through with its review of the closure and suspension orders handed down by Gina Lopez on mining firms. The review was indefinitely postponed after the Commission on Appointments rejected Lopez as environment secretary. Along with President Rodrigo Duterte’s then-favorable stance, the review did not seem necessary anymore though the official reason… Continue reading

Duterte Reverses Mining Stance Yet Again; Mining Firms Warned of Higher Taxes

President Rodrigo Duterte’s mining stance has changed once again after he said he would tap Gina Lopez in the creation of new regulations for the sector. He also declared during his State of the Nation Address that environmental protection should take precedence over economic benefits of extraction, a reversal of his earlier order to current Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu to respect extraction agreements. He warned mining firms of higher taxes if they would not pay for the complete rehabilitation of affected… Continue reading

Cimatu Reverses Lopez’ Order on Environmental Compliance Certificate

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu repealed an order made by former secretary Gina Lopez regarding the issuance of environmental compliance certificates (ECC). Lopez earlier mandated that the department secretary should approve all ECCs for environmentally critical projects or in environmentally critical areas. Cimatu, however, said that the order slows down the issuance of permits for investors. The new secretary… Continue reading

More Mining Projects Expected, as Government Set to Identify Additional Mineral Reservation Areas

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, through the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, is conducting an extensive study to identify more mineral-reservation areas for potential new projects. The agency is now assessing the mineral deposits available in various areas and when it is viable to be converted and developed into a mining operation. Economic officials want to increase the mining industry’s… Continue reading

DENR to Release Final Recommendation on Mining Closure Orders Next Month

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said that he would release his decision regarding mining closure orders this July. The Mining Industry Coordinating Council originally set the orders for review, but this has been in limbo ever since the Commission on Appointments rejected Gina Lopez. Cimatu is expected to reverse most of the orders after Duterte announced that the rights of mining firms must be respectedContinue reading