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Duterte’s Son Implicated in Drugs

Paolo Duterte, the President Rodrigo Duterte’s son and vice mayor of Davao City, has been implicated in crimes related to drugs. This is the second instance that his name has been linked, with photos also circulating showing him with a prime suspect in a P6.5-billion methamphetamine smuggling attempt from China. The president earlier promised to step down if any family member is involved in drugs. However, Duterte noticeably backtracked after he set the condition that there must be documentary… Continue reading

Comelec Chair Faces Corruption Accusations

Commission on Elections chairman Andres Bautista will be investigated for corruption after his wife accused him of amassing massive wealth. Bautista is a lawyer who had a lucrative practice before joining the government, but his wife alleges that a substantial portion of his assets is not reported in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities, which is required by law. Lawmakers moved for an immediate investigation of Bautista, adding that it puts to doubt the credibility of the 2016 polls. More specifically, they are linking… Continue reading

P6.5-B Worth of Methamphetamine from China Seized; Bureau of Customs Under Criticism

The Bureau of Customs, one of the two major revenue-generating agencies of the government, is under fire after P6.5-billion worth of methamphetamine from China went through undetected. The shipment was only discovered after Chinese customs officials tipped off local authorities, which later found the drugs in a warehouse in northern Metro Manila. Senators and congressmen believe this is proof of the long-standing perception of highly corrupt customs employees. There are also fears that other similar… Continue reading

Agency Going After Marcos’ Ill-Gotten Wealth to be Abolished

The administration plans to abolish the Presidential Commission on Good Government, the agency tasked to recover ill-gotten wealth from the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, as well as his cronies. Officials said that it is part of the government’s streamlining efforts. The agency was able to recover $3.4 billion but is still going after millions more, including several expensive artworks. Efforts are being made to rehabilitateContinue reading

Duterte to Trim Bureaucracy, Asks Congress for Enabling Law

President Rodrigo Duterte asked Congress during his State of the Nation Address to pass a law that would trim government bureaucracy. The proposed law would eliminate redundancies and overlapping functions in government, streamline processes, and eliminate unnecessary regulatory requirements. Covered agencies include all departments, bureaus, and state-owned firms. The government has been working on… Continue reading

Duterte Wants Amendment to Procurement Law

President Rodrigo Duterte wants Congress to amend the procurement law after complaining of the slow process that has resulted in delays in the delivery of goods and services. He said that alternative modes of procurement should be allowed, as public bidding usually takes a long time and is vulnerable to tampering by corrupt officials. He had already signed an executive order that would allow direct negotiations with… Continue reading

New Order Simplifies Government Procurement Process

After expressing frustration over the slow procurement process, President Rodrigo Duterte issued an executive order that simplifies procedures by allowing government agencies to proceed with some transactions without obtaining the approval of the Government Procurement Policy Board. Agency heads have to qualify that a proposed procurement can be exempted from public bidding and that an alternative mode is appropriate. Such alternative methods include limited-source bidding, direct contracting, … Continue reading