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Duterte Claims Trillanes Has Offshore Accounts; Trillanes Signs Waiver, Challenges Duterte to Do the Same

President Rodrigo Duterte faces renewed challenge from Sen. Antonio Trillanes, days after the president threatened to reveal secret offshore banking accounts held by the senator. Trillanes belied the accusation and quickly submitted waivers so that the Anti Money Laundering Council will be able to look into the alleged accounts. He challenged Duterte, however, to sign a similar waiver, noting that the president has yet to agree to allow the opening of his accounts a year after Trillanes accused him of amassing billionsContinue reading


After Gordon-Trillanes Clash, Duterte’s Son to Appear in Senate Drug Smuggling Hearing

Davao vice mayor Paolo Duterte, the president’s son, will appear in a Senate hearing after he was implicated in smuggling and drug scandals. The dramatic turnaround came after a clash between Senators Richard Gordon and Antonio Trillanes over the issue, with Gordon initially refusing to invite the vice mayor due to what he perceived as lack of evidence. Trillanes denounced Gordon’s stance and accused the latter of acting as the… Continue reading

Impeachment Case Against Chief Justice Sereno Endorsed by 25 Congressmen

At least 25 members of the House of Representatives have endorsed an impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno for wrongful declaration of assets and unauthorized expenses. While majority of the high court’s justices are believed to be on President Rodrigo Duterte’s side, the impeachment against Sereno is seen as a way of silencing her because of her criticisms against the war on drugs. There are also similar moves being cooked up against Ombudsman Conchita… Continue reading

Intelligence Officials Belie Existence of PADEM, Say that Group was Created by Communists

Intelligence officials have belied the existence of the Patriotic and Democratic Movement (PADEM), supposedly a group of military and police officials that called for the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte. They believe that it was created by the communists and pointed out that the manifesto originated from Utrecht in the Netherlands where some communist leaders are based. The site where the manifesto was originally posted… Continue reading

Lacson, Faeldon Trade Accusations of Corruption

The smuggling scandal in the Bureau of Customs has widened further, as more personalities get implicated in the issue. Senator Panfilo Lacson revealed that outgoing customs chief Nicanor Faeldon received P100 million in tainted money during the beginning of the latter’s tenure last year. Faeldon then accused Lacson’s family of involvement in the smuggling of cement, and even said that Lacson’s son attempted to… Continue reading

Almost a Year After Takeover by Marcos Son-in-Law, Philweb Gets Back Gaming License

A year after Philweb’s electronic gambling license was shut down, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has re-accredited the company that would allow it to resume operations. The company was targeted after President Rodrigo Duterte accused its previous owner, Roberto Ongpin, of being an oligarch. Ongpin was forced to sell his shares to Gregorio Araneta, the son-in-law of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos,… Continue reading

Loyalty of Police Forces Faces Test, as Duterte Drops Promise of Unconditional Support

President Rodrigo Duterte’s control of the police faces a test after he announced that policemen involved in the killing of a 17-year-old during a drug raid should be jailed if found guilty. This is in contrast to his previous statements when he provided controversial advices, including planting of evidence to nail a suspect, providing suspects with a gun to make it appear that there was a shootout, and summarily executing… Continue reading