Final List of Closed/Suspended Mining Firms – Feb. 3, 2017

Mining firms closed:

  1. Benguet Corporation
  2. Ore Asia Mining and Development Corporation
  3. BenguetCorp Nickel Mines Incorporated
  4. Eramen Minerals Incorporated
  5. LNL Archipelago Minerals Incorporated
  6. Zambales Diversified Metals Corporation
  7. Mt Sinai Mining Exploration and Development Corporation
  8. Emir Minerals Corporation
  9. TechIron Mineral Resources Incorporated
  10. AAMPHIL Natural Resources Exploration
  11. Oriental Synergy Mining Corporation
  12. SinoSteel Philippines HY Mining Corporation
  13. Kromico, Incorporated
  14. Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation
  15. Wellex Mining Corporation
  16. Libjo Mining Corporation
  17. ADNAMA Mining Resources Corporation
  18. Claver Mineral Development Corporation
  19. Hinatuan Mining Corporation
  20. CTP Construction and Mining Corporation
  21. Carrascal Nickel Corporation
  22. Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation
  23. Platinum Development Corporation

Suspended firms:

  1. Berong Nickel Corporation
  2. OceanaGold Phils Incorporated
  3. Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation
  4. Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation
  5. Strong Built Mining Development Corporation

Final decision on Filiminera Resources Corporation is still pending.

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