List of Agreements Signed by Duterte with China

President Rodrigo Duterte continues to reconfigure diplomatic alliances after scoring several concessions, loans, and agreements during his visit to China. Among them are:

  1. $9 billion in loans, including $6 billion in soft loans from the Chinese government and $3 billion from private Chinese credit facilities;
  2. $15 million for drug rehabilitation facilities;
  3. Joint Coastal Guard Committee on Maritime Cooperation, as a prelude to greater cooperation in the disputed waters;
  4. Agricultural Cooperation Action Plan 2017-2019;
  5. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation on animal and plant inspection and quarantine;
  6. MOU on supporting the conduct of feasibility studies for major projects;
  7. MOU on production capacity and investment cooperation;
  8. agreement on economic and technological cooperation;
  9. MOU on strengthening trade, investment and economic cooperation;
  10. MOU on drafting China-Philippines economic cooperation development plans;
  11. MOU on tourism implementation plan of 2017-2022.
  12. MOU on the list of transportation and infrastructure cooperation projects;
  13. MOU on financing cooperation between the Export-Import Bank of China and the Philippines’ Department of Finance;
  14. MOU on news information exchange training;
  15. Protocol on cooperation between the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

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